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Are you looking for an elder lawyer in the Chicago area to help you with Medicaid planning?

Our qualified Medicaid attorneys are offering free consultations that will help you with asset protection and Medicaid pre-planning.

If you think you’’ll need Medicaid at any point in the future, it’s highly recommended that you speak with one of our qualified elder law attorneys. Trust us – we understand how easy it is to put something like Medicaid planning off. But we’ve seen time and time again what happens to individuals who don’t plan before they need long term care.

What Happens When You Don’t Do Medicaid Pre-Planning?

Many people aren’t aware that Medicare doesn’t pay for most nursing home stays. Medicare will pay for up to the first 100 days. However, because of the complicated rules that must be satisfied, some may not qualify for the entire 100 days, while many will not have any Medicare paid days.

Whether you slip on some ice or you develop a serious condition like dementia, long-term care stays are shockingly expensive.

In fact, just 12 months in a private nursing home in Illinois is nearly $80,000. Plus, that’s expected to increase to more than $108,000 by 2032.

If you aren’t prepared for that costs, the first thing that happens is you’ll lose everything you own. The home you’ve made your own, the car you fell in love with, and any kind of nest egg you’ve built up will be taken from you.

We’ve seen grandparents who worked hard their entire lives to be able to leave something to their kids and grandkids. Everything they had was gone because they didn’t do any Medicaid planning. Losing you own home to the nursing home is far too common.

Don’t leave your assets up for grabs! Even if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll end up on Medicaid, let’s talk about a plan to make sure the government doesn’t take away your life’s work.

How Can Medicaid Planning Protect My Assets?

Asset protection is a priority for anyone in retirement who may need Medicaid. So, how can a Medicaid planning attorney help?

Planning before the crisis is the best bet to protect your assets. Our office has vast experience helping successful families ensure that their assets are transferred to their heirs.

In fact, substantial assets can be protected with proper pre-planning. Done correctly, your family may save you a substantial amount of money and be able to protect among other things, your:

  • Your Family Home

  • Vacation Property

  • Investment Property

  • Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

  • Many other financial assets

If you do not engage in the pre-planning process, you may suddenly face being in a nursing home. This happens too frequently. Fortunately, this does not mean that all is lost. There are other Medicaid planning options available in a “crisis” situation.

For a consultation regarding how you can protect your assets or if a crisis has occurred and you don;’t know what to do, contact our office at 251-215-9275.

Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust can protect you from losing your assets. This allows you to protect your home and other valuables for your family since Medicaid will no longer view those assets as yours. We can help you navigate this beneficial option during a free estate planning consultation.

If you live in Chicagoland, including Lake County, Cook County, Chicago, Park Ridge, or the surrounding areas, contact us to schedule a free Medicaid planning consultation at 251-215-9275 or fill out the Consult Request form, and we’ll be in touch shortly!