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Daphne Estate Planning Attorney

A good estate plan provides an organized set of instructions and information to simplify the process of estate administration and alleviate some of the burdens on loved ones following a death.

However, creating an estate plan isn’t just about death. A good estate plan is also effective during a lifetime to allow others to manage assets or give healthcare directives for an incapacitated person. Estate planning can bring peace of mind. The experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Brenton C. McWilliams can help guide you through the estate planning process in Daphne, AL.

Daphne, Alabama

The average age in Daphne, Alabama, is 37.9 years old, compared to 39.4 years for the state. According to Census.gov, only 18.7% percent of the Daphne, Alabama population is over 65. This means that if you’re 65 and over, it’s a great time to start estate planning! It is important to put certain arrangements in place by building a solid estate plan with a qualified estate planning lawyer.

In 2019, the average home price in Daphne was $227,046—much higher than the state of $154,000. The higher-than-average home values in Daphne are even more incentive for home-owning residents to create an estate plan.

Estate Planning Resources in Daphne

Local Probate Court: Daphne, AL – Baldwin County Probate Court

The probate process is a legal process initiated upon someone’s death. If there is a will, the probate court works to ensure assets are distributed per its wishes. Where there is no will, the probate court will determine asset distribution per Alabama intestacy laws.

In Daphne, AL, the nearest probate office is located at:

Baldwin County Probate Office
220 Courthouse Square
Bay Minette, AL 36507
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Daphne Medical Facilities

Estate planning focuses on protecting your loved ones and assets for the “later” or after someone passes away. But it’s also important to protect your health now. If you need a check-up or help managing health issues, be sure to check out some medical facilities in the Daphne area.

Experienced Baldwin County Estate Planning Attorneys

Drafting your will and establishing trusts can be an emotional process. It’s not easy to think about what life may look like for your family after you are no longer here. But at The Law Offices of Brenton C. McWilliams in Daphne, AL, we are experienced with estate planning. At our AL estate planning and elder law firm, trusted estate attorneys can help you plan your estate, safeguard your assets, and give you and your family peace of mind.

Our law office helps clients with estate planning and related practice areas:

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FAQ: Daphne Estate Planning

How do I ensure that I can make decisions for my parent’s health?

We recommend that your parents prepare power of attorney documents. When the principal is not able to instruct healthcare professionals on their own, the healthcare power of attorney may take effect. Estate planning attorneys can help you get a power of attorney in place.

What happens if I don’t have an estate plan?

In an intestate estate, where there is no will naming the beneficiaries of the estate, the state of Alabama establishes the heirs of an intestate estate and the percentage of the estate they are entitled to inherit. This means that if you want certain people to inherit your assets, you need an estate plan to name them directly. Otherwise, your desired heirs may be left out if they are not within the group of default heirs defined by the Alabama code. An AL estate planning attorney can help you create an estate plan to ensure that you plan the succession and that your assets go to the people you want.